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      Sugar baby, findom, bdsm, and any other session. Send tribute to show you are serious and my attention is all yours! Meet and greet may be required!

    • Goddess Worship (Phone Only)

      You have seen me through photos on social media, minding my business in grocery stores, and at events. Now you get to tell me how much you love me and my features over the phone! Pay and Set up a time and date to chat with me.

    • Freak party deposit

      Search freak party for total The Freak Party is a personalized adult fun filled evening where the host gets a free toy and gift bags for up to 12 guests (male or female) Adult games are played for prizes, live demonstrations, and educational facts are given. It's an evening of erotic education wrapped in games and toys for your pleasure. Let your freak flag fly high! Attention: There is a $85 non refundable fee for cancellations within 14 business days prior to the event date.

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    • Clean your Kontrol Freak Sex Toys!

      There are a few ideas on how to clean your sex toys floating around out there. Here are Kontrol Freak's favorite products and tips on how to clean your adult toys: The Doc Johnson Natural toy cleaner Which is most popular for those who do not like to get up right away, best for toys that can not be submerged, or for those who prefer to sanitize in areas your fingers will not reach quickly. You can hand wash your sex toys with body-safe soaps and warm water. Note: Most of our products are waterproof and can be submerged in water. To sterilize your metal toys it is best to sterilize with soap and water , hot boiling water, or a sex toy cleaner. Silicone toys may be cleaned in boiling water as long as there is no glue and no motor , toy cleaner, or soap and mild water. Silicone toys with motors may be cleaned with body-safe soaps and warm water or The Doc Johnson Natural toy cleaner Rubber/jelly/skin like toys: clean with The Doc Johnson Natural toy cleaner toy cleaner or soap and water (don’t boil) . These are usually disposable or one person toys. Meaning they should not be shared and may be porous. There are sterilizers that can be used. We have heard multiple people mention dishwashers (Not RECOMMENDED).

    • 7 SEXY ,FUN, KINKY things to do with your mate on Valentine's day

      Let's get kinky “Fuck me like you're being watched.” -Kontrol Freak I say this because most people would say, "fuck me like its our last time". For me, there is nothing like a good performance whether it's the last or fifth time. Everyone knows that we try to perform at our best when we know people are watching. If we're called out in a class we try to get all answers right, If we're in the middle of a dance circle we show out, and if there are cameras present we stop sipping on our drink to do something just for the camera. So, if I perform at my best and focus on pleasure. Each time will be the best sex I have ever had. This is why I say fuck me like youre being watched. No, you may not have the energy to do most of these things each time you're intimate with your mate but you don't have to wait for a "big day" or a holiday for that matter to perform at your best. There are so many routes to take when bringing your sexy to the bedroom. Below are a few examples of things you can do to keep any longterm relationship fresh, exciting, hot and explosive. Here are a few that I have done and have found to be not only fun but sexy and kink. Wax Play Kinky Twister Beginners Bondage Nuru Massage Couples Play using toys Role Play Sex toys and Setting a scene There are so many #creative things to do on a special day like Valentine’s or any other special occasion. Body to body #nuru massage can get really slippery and #fun. It becomes a sensual act between the two as your bodies collide. Using this #kinky mat on your bed or floor makes it easy for you to take it from your bedroom to your living room or even a new location. Sexy #twister is just a regular twister game that you can #play nude with your love and make up your own rules for each color. The #vibratingpanties is a cost effective idea for #beginners and also those you. Can’t afford an expensive vibrating panty. The wand is amazing for #singles and couples as well you can use it alone or with your mate. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, the head is flexible, and it has 12 different vibrating modes . Another fun thing we have is #waxplay ( please see our wax play blog) you must be trained and /take extra precautions when using was in your bedroom. I love it, it’s fun. It’s a different euphoria is the perfect word for wax play. last but not least we have ties. Yes, men ties! It can be used for some bondage action. Always remember to be cautious when trying new things in your #bedroom. #bedroomsecrets with #kontrolfreak

    • Choosing the Right Sex Toy

      People always ask," what is your favorite toy?" My immediate response: It really depends on what form of stimulation I want that day. Then I would follow by asking , "What simulations do you enjoy? " Now that is when you start to think about what it means. It really is not a trick question. I use it to gauge the conversation. In order to pick the right toy you must know what you enjoy. There is really not one toy that is better than the other because it all depends on you and what you enjoy. To begin, we use toys for different purposes. Some of us use them for vaginal penetration, anal stimulation, dual-stimulation,g spot stimulation, p spot play, and even to practice giving blow jobs. Keep in mind when choosing adult toys there are many shapes, colors , sizes, frequencies, and vibrating patterns. Knowing this, choosing the right sex toy can be a difficult task. When choosing a vibrator or dildo, it’s imperative that you consider safety. Check the material as dildos can be made out of metals, jelly, glass, silicone, crystal, or even wood. You want to avoid jelly toys as they contain phthalates chemicals (not safe). Now, if you can’t afford a high-quality adult toy take these next few tips into consideration : * Use a condom on your toy * Clean your toys with body safe products (avoid antibacterial soaps: dishwasher detergent ) * Use a toy cleaner, mild soap, you can sterilize silicone toys (all of kontrol freak products are silicone) , by boiling it in a pot of water. * Remove the bullet vibrator if the toy has one. *You can also use wipes (not all) * As mentioned before you can use mild soaps like Dial or Dove. (Rinse thoroughly) Don’t be afraid to use LUBE, but be wary of using silicone lube with silicone toys (it will deteriorate the silicone). Use a water- based lube. If you’re buying your first toy, think of how you plan to use it. Do you want it for anal play? vaginal insertion? Is it for double penetration? Is it for partnered or solo play? Do you want a strap-on ? Do you want a phallic-looking dildo, or not? Do you want a dino toy? Do you want large, girthy or a small one to start? Do you want a sleeve you can put your penis inside as an extender? All of this just depends on your preferences and experience level, and it is not impossible to meet your needs. Finding the right toy does not have to be a huge task. Make it fun, experiment, and then go to town. If you’re buying a toy from Kontrol Freak don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are always happy to help you find something right for you.

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    • Kontrol Freak | Sex Education| Sex Talk | Relationships | Sex Blog

      Welcome to Kontrol Freak WHERE YOUR PLEASURE IS OUR PLEASURE We host events to educate the masses about sex with a sensual twist. Take a Peek Below IMG_2261 IMG_8661 IMG_2267 1/16 Book our services Instagram Posts

    • Speed Dating Registration | Kontrol Freak

      Speed Dating with A Twist Registration Male Female Both Couple (Female & Male) Couple (Male & Male) Couple (Female & Female) arrow&v Female Male Couple (Female & Male) Couple (Female & Female) Couple (Male &Male) arrow&v 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 arrow&v Submit Congratulations You Are Now On The Wait list! ​ We have your information, if a spot opens up, we will contact you be either email or phone. ​ Happy Dating!

    • All Products | Kontrol Freak

      Quick View Aqua Flavored Lube Candy Apple Out of stock Quick View Glow in the Dark Erotic Dice Out of stock Quick View Oral Sex Adult Dice Out of stock Quick View MAX Arousal Extra Strength Pleasure Gel Out of stock Quick View Embrace Tightening Pleasure Serum Out of stock Quick View DISCOVER G-SPOT STIMULATING SERUM Out of stock Quick View Fetish Fantasy Mini Silk Rope in Black Out of stock Quick View The Screaming RingO in Blue Out of stock Quick View The RingO XL in Clear Out of stock Quick View Bachelorette Party Caution Tape Out of stock Quick View Oh So Smooth Shave Cream .5oz/15ml in Frosted Cake Out of stock Quick View Joy Wand (Pre order) Price $43.52 Quick View Halter Top, Face Masks & Restraints Price $23.58 Quick View Kissable Red Schoolgirl Chemise Price $22.00 Quick View Hideaway Hottie Seamless Dress Out of stock Quick View So Fresh Black Seamless Bodysuit Out of stock Quick View The Down Low Seamless Crimson Bodysuit Price $23.60 Quick View Black Inter-Net Hi Neck Dress Out of stock Quick View Fringe Halter Harness and Skirt Price $26.26 Quick View Fishnet Cross Nipple Pasties Price $7.99 Load More Quick View Pearl Lips Price $6.89 Quick View Bullet Vibes Price $12.99 Quick View The panty Teaser Price $65.00 Quick View Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Suction Simulator Out of stock Quick View Pearl Lips Price $6.89 Quick View Bullet Vibes Price $12.99 Quick View The panty Teaser Price $65.00 Quick View Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Suction Simulator Out of stock

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Miami, FL 

T: 305-850-2606​



Miami, FL 

T: 305-850-2606​


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