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  • Initial Tribute

    Sugar baby, findom, bdsm, and any other session. Send tribute to show you are serious and my attention is all yours! Meet and greet may be required! ID for proof of age will be requested. Tribute is nonrefundable. Tribute is a one time payment.

  • Ass Worship

    This includes ass rubs, ass massage, light ass smacks, light ass smack with tip money encouraged, ass cheek kisses & face sitting. Additional fee of $120 to record. Must pay $95 deposit fee or $65 tribute prior to booking date. Deposit required for next booking appointment during initial booking. *All fees are non refundable within 21 days leading up to booking date. Tribute and deposits are nonrefundable. Rescheduling will result in fee forfeiture. Tribute is a one time payment.

  • Forniphilia ( human furniture)

    This is a session that entails the art of making you my furniture in lingerie or kink wear. Can involve bondage. Its a simple session that would involve you being my chair, stool, ottomon, or coffee table. Initial tribute must be paid before session.

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  • 5 Role Play Ideas for Sex with Professionals.

    Most of us choose our professions out of passion for helping, aiding, giving back, and more. As a professional I have made an observation throughout the years; our passions can become stressful. It's always nice having someone around to help lighten that load when we come around. When I say this I don't mean lets have a therapy session about the peak and pit of your day. Unless, this is something that your person prefers to do. I believe most people prefer not to even discuss work after a long day at "WORK". Unless its motivating. So, since I enjoy role play and my partners love their professions I like to incorporate their work during sex and intimacy. How? Read below. Before we dive deep. I always teach my clients the sex trifecta (yes, I came up with this): Focus on pleasure Stimulate the 5 senses Pay attention to your partner's body At first, it seems like a lot but ultimately it is not. Once you've mastered my Sex Trifecta you will see how things become more sexy in and out of the bedroom. Now, lets get into character. Start by choosing your role. I personally like for them to fulfill their official role so that when he/she/them/they are working in the field they are thinking of the work we put in with a smile on their face. Keep Calm, there's no rules to this you can make changes to make things flow. Basics Below. Set the scene . How things look does matter. Scents are important : candles, oils, lotions, etc Things you say, videos of your last sexual encounter, porn or music you play needs to align with the mood. The taste of your secretions is tasty but you can always incorporate food, edible pasties, edible underwear, and edible body safe lubes. Touch is for textures, props, and more. Here's a list of our top 5 Career Baes #fireman #anesthesiologist #lawyer #kinkster #teacher Now for the breakdown : Fireman What you'll need: Fireman Uniform/coat/ gear Candle for fire Things to say Water to cool off Wax play Get the attire, light a candle (scented, massage candle, or wax play candle), say something like this.. Example: You: Are you going to hose me down tonight? Your partner would respond: (usually a response that expresses excitement via text or in person) You: I want you to Hose me down while I wear your gear. Make me scream Fire or Bombi (Bombi is short for Bombero; Fireman in Spanish is Bombero) when I'm reaching my orgasm. Your partner would respond:(usually a response that expresses excitement via text or in person) You: Later we can cool off in a pool or shower together. Anesthesiologist What you'll need : scrub stethoscope lab coat ring light things to say red wine or dark liquor body shots lube Get the attire, a ring light (gives the illusion of surgical light), red wine or dark liquor and lube (water based lube, flavored lube), say something like this.. Example: You: Intubate me Dr. Your partner would respond:(usually a response that expresses excitement via text or in person) I'll intubate you and then cum in your lungs You: Make me aspirate.. fill my lungs with your cum. Your partner would respond:(usually a response that expresses excitement via text or in person) Damn. That sounds hot. I love how freaky you are it turns me on. You: Hearing that you love it turns me on. I love worship. Drinks c