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Unlock a New Level of Freak in Your Partner

Learn to incorporate sex toys and unlock a new level of freak in your partner. #sextoys #freak #freakhoe #adultporn

Men are not in competition with sex toys!!

Telling your partner about your interest in sex toys can be intimidating and can even make you feel vulnerable, but it is okay. There is no wrong or right here. Many men of African decent may state that they will not " compete with a machine". Others may feel intimidated if the toy looks like a phallus or is slightly bigger than his penis; while some will feel the exact opposite and may want to please you with something larger. This does not mean you will be forgotten or left behind.

Sex toys can take your sex life to newer levels while experiencing new textures, sensations, and several orgasms through modes of vibration. Adding toys to sexy time with your partner does not mean something is wrong or even missing for that matter. In fact, adding toys adds a variety to the fun you will have in your bedroom. Not to mention the enhancement of pleasure you will gain.

Think about it this way, you love chicken but some days you may need hot sauce or BBQ on that chicken to add more flavor. Its the same concept with sex when you add #sextoys.

Understanding that sexual appetites fluctuate will make all the difference. We're not knocking conventional or vanilla sex but after awhile you may want to do something a little different to add some excitement.

If your partner declines trying a different topping ie. sex toy. Try to come to an agreement. Compromise, you may want to suggest incorporating a toy once a week, use them while alone, use them to send videos (at your own risk), or try a less intimidating toy like the one in the image below:


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