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The 4 stages of a woman's sexual response cycle. Women & Arousal

What are some changes her body goes through when being aroused?

Everyone loves the fiery feeling! #vagina #wet #sex #sexorgan #arousal

Do you ever wonder what she feels when she's being turned on? Do you wonder if you're the only woman experiencing these intense changes when being aroused? Well, you are not alone. We're here to give you the most common facts...

Full details on the stages to arousal in women

The body goes through four phases: #desire #arousal #orgasm and #resolution Each individual may experience all, some, or maybe even none of what we will be mentioning here.Many will not experience these phases in this exact order or even at the same intensity as another. If you noticed the diagram above and didn't understand here is your breakdown of characteristics for each stage:

In the #first stage of desire #excitement the heart rate begins to elevate, their breathing pattern is faster, their breast will enlarge (just a little) and her nipples will become erect (nipples on hard). Muscles all over her body will tighten. Some women's faces, necks, or chests will become flushed (sex flush because blood rushes to the pelvic area, engorgement.) and her clitoris enlarges.

In the #second stage arousal #plateau the yoni/vagina #yoni #vagina #pussy creates a lubricant which makes it easy for men to enter which makes sex pleasurable. The labia will flatten ,then open up, and her vagina will lengthen and widen (preparing for the D). When engorgement occurs it creates that warm feeling men love. As her arousal continues, everything becomes enlarged and more pronounced but her clitoris  gets 50% shorter right before she climaxes(cums).

When she reaches her #orgasm in stage #three she'll feel contractions in her vagina, in her uterus, and even her anus and he’ll love it. This is why in most cases men reach their orgasm at the same time if they’re in sync, the vaginal grip and pulling intensifies the feeling. The contractions do have a purpose other than feeling great. These contractions help suck semen higher up into the vagina, making it easier for sperm to swim to your egg and conceive. The uterus, labia, and clitoris then return to their normal size, and she experiences extreme muscle relaxation. At this point, she may be able to have additional orgasms.(multiple orgasms) During the big O the heart rate and respirations are elevated even more than they were in the first stage and there's a sudden release of tension. FIRE!! Stage #four for resolution you return to your normal state slowly but surely. Everything begins to go back to normal. You may be worn out, sleepy, fatigue, hungry, or even ready for round two but intimacy is usually gained with a sense belonging. Don't forget to cuddle!!

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