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Kontrol Freak was founded in 2017, our vision is to imagine a world where people are treated with dignity and respect no matter the gender identity or sexual orientation. We are passionate about providing accurate information based on studies and findings in our community. We host events and private sessions to provide a chance for people from all walks of life to learn from one another while exploring their sexuality.


A little about La: When I created Kontrol Freak it was upon request. Friends, coworkers, followers on social Media, etc. all wanted a "SEX" blog ! Seeing how much I actually love sex, the body, and how I didn’t mind discussing it, it made others realize that this was a passion and that motivated me. No matter the nature of the conversation it always leads to sex with me. I started studying it in my teens, read on sex, asked people about their sex lives, and sexual behaviors to gain understanding; realizing culture makes a difference as well as age. In nursing school, I would ask all of the questions revolving around sex. You know, the ones that everyone wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Today, I read, experiment, and perform my own studies based mostly on the people in my community. Now, we have a place where we can all study sex, grow, and learn from one another..... cuz I'm always down for some freaky shit.


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