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10 Tips for a More Fulfilling Sexual Experience with a Long and/or Thick Phallus

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

To start, you all have heard me say it time and time again on and off the record. "I cant take DICK!"

In reality, what I should be saying is I cant take the D you're giving me. Most may ruminate on that statement but I will explain why, now. See most of the knowledge I've gathered has come from #nursingschool #books #selfhelpbooks #articles and #seminars . I compiled all of that which allowed me to carry out my own participatory research. Yes, I like to put things into perspective.

Let's get to the point! I would always say I couldn't take the rod from god because they wouldn't take their time to introduce their penis to my star (vagina). Yes, I would want it and I would be fully lubricated naturally but not necessarily physically ready to receive an 8" long 2" inch in diameter penis. Must I add, upon seeing it drop mid thigh anxiety would kick in and we all know fear doesn't help when it comes to receiving a new member to any orifice but I digress. I would always communicate this to partners and they thought it was cute but I would be honest about it. So, I started trying new things with different people (safely). Here's what I've gathered.

  1. The receiver should always communicate fears and most importantly pleasure points.

  2. The giver (penis owner) should start slow and make sure the receiver is completely aroused. Check in with your partner and make sure they're okay. #arousalstate #foreplay

Words like:

  • you're doing so good/well baby

  • you're taking it like a good...

  • How does it feel when I do ..

  • Do you like it when..

  • good girl/boy

all help during play.

3. Using fingers , oral sex, small #vibrators , #minibullet ,#dilators , and breathing techniques.

4. Introduce the receiver to "just the tip " of the penis first until the receiver is comfortable. A funny as this may sound it works!

5. As the receiver, choose positions that are most comfortable for you and the positions that promote your confidence.


  • Deep breathes

  • Synchronized breathing

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Feel free add to add more helpful tips to this.

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