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Clean your Kontrol Freak Sex Toys!

There are a few ideas on how to clean your sex toys floating around out there.

Here are Kontrol Freak's favorite products and tips on how to clean your adult toys:

Which is most popular for those who do not like to get up right away, best for toys that can not be submerged, or for those who prefer to sanitize in areas your fingers will not reach quickly.

You can hand wash your sex toys with body-safe soaps and warm water.

Note: Most of our products are waterproof and can be submerged in water.

To sterilize your metal toys it is best to sterilize with soap and water , hot boiling water, or a sex toy cleaner.

Silicone toys may be cleaned in boiling water as long as there is no glue and no motor , toy cleaner, or soap and mild water.

Silicone toys with motors may be cleaned with body-safe soaps and warm water or The Doc Johnson Natural toy cleaner

Rubber/jelly/skin like toys: clean with The Doc Johnson Natural toy cleaner

toy cleaner or soap and water (don’t boil) . These are usually disposable or one person toys. Meaning they should not be shared and may be porous.

There are sterilizers that can be used. We have heard multiple people mention dishwashers (Not RECOMMENDED).

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