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4 Alternative Methods for Disciplining Your Submissive Partner in BDSM Relationships

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Alternatives to spanking:

* Kneeling on rice,sand, or grits

* Position Holding (stay in place)

* Add spice to gag

* Cold Shower


Find your #submissives point of pain. Everyone's level of pain is different so you want to be mindful of what your submissive considers to be painful. Administer #pain without spanking.


Have them #kneel on grits, rice, or sand.

Kneeling on this for an extended period of time will create some strain. This will create another form of pain.


Have them hold their position against a cold wall. Holding a burning #candle in their hand or #planking while holding a burning candle on their back. (let the candle drip on their body) This can definitely take a toll on the body.



Have them get in a cold room and shower them with cold water. Not a soul has ever enjoyed a cold shower.


Add hot sauce or a food they dislike to a gag, roll it on the gag, and place it on them. This is just torture they will be unable to move and speak besides doing their gesture to tap out.


Want more information?

Come to an event in #miami to learn more by clicking on the link below:

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