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Sex Suppresses My Cold !

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you're reading this you might have wondered and even asked does sex suppress your cold , cough, or runny nose?

Sexual arousal and orgasms help activate your immune system.

Is it just me or does your cough, runny nose, sniffles, and sneezes subside when you're having sex or you reach your orgasm?

If this sounds like you then you're not alone!

It has been said that when men masturbate and others when engaging in sexual activities that congestion and coughs begin to clear up during that moment.

In fact Kontrol Freak , has mentioned time and time again that when having sex she has realized that the runny nose stops, the cough stops, and so does sneezing, instantaneously.

As surprising as it sounds sexual activity and arousal beginning with foreplay literally activates your sympathetic nervous system.

This then results in nasal constriction and essentially shrinks the nasal blood vessels which results in nasal airflow; which makes it easier to breath.

You may be asking.

Well, how does the nervous system connect to your orgasm?

We've got answers. Your orgasms are controlled by your automatic nervous system.

The nervous system has 2 parts:

Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or flight)

Parasympathetic Nervous System ( aids in function of organs)

During the phases of the sexual response in your body both play a part.

4 phases of sexual response

  • Excitement

  • Plateau

  • Orgasm

  • Resolution

During the first 2 phases your body is prepping for sex. (sympathetic nervous system)

This controls the release of adrenaline aka epinephrine which causes blood vessels to constrict making you feel less stuffy because it reduces inflammation.

Not to mention how this excitement will make you forget all about that runny nose and cough. That's that Dopamine doing its thing!!

After all of the fun and pleasure and your body goes into the resolution phase you will notice the nose clearing effects of sex will then begin to fade within moments- 60 minutes. What a bummer unless you go for another round!

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