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A soft, stretchy pocket stroker that's always up for action (and your total satisfaction), the Boundless Reversible Ribbed Stroker is a simple, super-sexy tool that you or your partner - or your AND your partner - can use to maximize pleasure during solo or shared stroke sessions. Plus, it comes in a handy dandy, extra case for easy portability.

Bouncy and clingy, the Ribbed Stroker grips, releases and massages like real skin, plus, you or they can squeeze it as tight as you like to bring all that namesake texture closer. If you ever get bored of the ribs, just flip it inside out to change up the feel. Comfortable in hand, whether that hand is yours or your partner's, the Boundless Stroker is closed-off around back. This feature not only helps contain the aftermath of all that pleasure, but also creates some intense inner suction.

In premium TPR, the Ribbed is unscented, phthalate free and extra easy to clean and maintain. Before and after playtime, rinse your stroker well with lots of warm soapy water, or use a good toy care fluid/foam. Be sure to rinse through the inner canal for a thorough deep clean. This masturbator is compatible with any favorite water based lube.

Boundless Reversible Ribbed Stroker

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